Throcke = Christopher Mollineaux Carson

Origins: Charleston SC, Chapel Hill NC
Current Home: Brooklyn NY

Well, first of all, I don't spin records or remix anything, and I don't sample from anyone else's music. I do like sampling from everything else though - speech, airplanes, water, elevators, cellos, birds. Throcke is basically an ongoing solo "studio project," meaning there are no live performances.

Throcke does not mean "The Rock." It's actually a nickname that dates back to 7th grade when my weird friends and I started a band called Jimmy and the Rotting Potatoes. No one was named Jimmy (well, there was an "essence" we called Jimmy, who was responsible for lights flickering and doors suddenly opening). Anyway we tried to come up with some ridiculous names for ourselves, like S.L.U.G., Turnip, Big Andy, RigorMortis, and Throckmorton S. Peagood XVII. What started as a joke somehow stuck and evolved into Throcke.

I've been a drummer and songwriter for many bands: Planet Nine, Hurka, Grasshopper Highway, Exit Ocean, UMAMI, etc. I've also written scores for several short films. But nowadays the solo project gets the most attention.

In addition to the music, sometimes during the day I edit film and video, mostly for TV commercials.

If you like the music please spread it around!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
(This applies to all music on this website except for the Exit Ocean and Grasshopper Highway material, which is all rights reserved).

FRIENDS and things I like:

Population is Brian Licari's new Chigaco enterprise
Andrew Lee is a freaked out genius / composer
Bowerbirds from NC make some insanely gorgeous acoustic music

Turbotronics makes sly electro pop
Goldstreets play lush textural songs
Limbs is swirling and sensitive math rock
is a hot electro band
Jason Cade is a violin man
Showteens is some solid country-ish NC indie rock
Taigaa spins a delicate oddness
A Decent Animal is atmospheric rock from SC, now in SanFran
Forms construct sweet interlocking rock melodies
Jeff Stultz is a great recording engineer who mastered Sometimes Not Unpointful